In 1737, Thomas Wilsons rent the Sharrow Mills from the Duke of Norfolk after his son Joseph had found out about the production of snuff in 1730. By 1750, the production of snuff had become their main source of income. Then, Joseph Wilsons began to produce the S.P. snuff which made Wilsons the most popular snuff brand at that time and which can still be bought until now.

After the introduction of steam-power, the Wilsons increased the production of snuff significantly. However, the water mill, driven by the river Porter, still works until today and reminds every visitor of the old power that originally produced snuff.

Another 6 generations followed after Thomas and Joseph Wilsons and until now, Wilsons & Co. (Sharrow) has been run by the same family

With its long tradition and know-how, Wilsons is still the most important snuff manufacturer in England.