The year is 1926. This is the year that the McChrystal family begins to make snuff from quality tobacco deep in the English Highlands. As the connoisseur knows, McChrystal has the same high standards today as they had back then. For the McChrystal family, quality and purity always come first.

The recipe for McChrystal’s Snuff is a well-guarded family secret. It is carefully handed down from generation to generation. Only one member from each generation of the McChrystal family is trusted to carry the secret recipe into the future.

McChrystal snuff is singular. Not only are the aroma and taste of the contents unmistakable; the package itself is equally unmistakable: the classic McChrystal’s tin, an elegant aluminum carrying case.

A visit to McChrystal in Leicester is a fascinating experience. People from all over the world appreciate the experience of seeing a traditional recipe made with modern technology. The name McChrystal guarantees that the quality will be as good today as it was yesterday and will be tomorrow.