Leonard Dingler’s Ltd“ is a company domiciled in South Africa. It was founded back in 1904 and it predominantly produced pipe tobacco. Seeing that the founder was a passionate boxer, he did not have to think about an appropriate name for his first pipe tobacco for very long and consequently called it “Boxer”.

In 1970, the company commenced the production of snuff tobacco, with “Taxi” being their first snuff put on the market. This snuff is still available in three different flavours (Red, Blue and Menthol Green) and reminds you strongly of “Schmalzler-Schnupf”. Due to their high quality and strong performance, Leonard Dingler’s Ltd was able to achieve a consistent growth, and in 2000, the firm already had over 300 employees.

As a result of their wide experience with tobacco products and particularly with snuff tobacco, they introduced “Magnet” at a later stage. Since this snuff convinces with its menthol content and its strength, it soon attracted many devotees all over the world and eventually found its way to Switzerland in 2004. Following the increasing demand for the strong Magnet snuff, Leonard Dingler’s Ltd decided to add two flavoured products to their range of snuff: Magnet Peach and Magnet Spearmint.

So, if you are looking for a strong menthol snuff, Leonard Dingler’s Ltd will be the right address for you.