The history of Breeze GmbH dates back to 1997. At that time, Thomas Fritsche founded the company Breeze GmbH. The company focused completely on the sale of snuff and accessories.Due to the resounding success in distributing both McChrystal’s and Covent snuff, Breeze GmbH has become Switzerland’s most important importer of snuff.Another milestone in the history of Breeze GmbH was the acquisition of another snuff trading company back in 2000.The most important keystones of their success are the guaranteed and immediate delivery service as well as the continuous efforts to control the quality of the snuff sold.The employees of Breeze GmbH commit themselves passionately to the sale of the brown powder in order to ensure the steady satisfaction of all their customers. It has been a long tradition at Breeze GmbH to gather round once a day and take a snuff together, which confirms their passion and strong bond to snuff.

Breeze GmbH have their fingers on the pulse of snuffing, which becomes apparent when looking at their continuously new products. So, the snuff scene in Switzerland may always be curious as to what Thomas Fritsche and his team will come up with in the future.